Website Content Writer & Specialist to Proofread Documents, Essays, & Résumés.

imageYour website should convey the perfect message as it applies to you and your business, brand, product and/or services –  in clear, concise language that not only engages your audience, but that creates trust in the products and/or services you provide. The importance of well-written web content simply cannot be stated with sufficient emphasis. Professional, well-written web content is one important deciding factor for clients in choosing you and your products/services, over your competition.

Elliot Sabino offers website content writer and proofreading services at competitive rates.

Author of 6 self-published E-books and two text books – to date – (under a pseudonym); Elliot has, additionally, worked as a university lecturer of 10 years experience, teaching academic writing & essay writing; marking, proof-reading thousands of student papers. Author of over 100 WordPress blogs and articles, Elliot has, additionally, given dozens of keynote presentations and worked as a commercial radio announcer and as a professional musician.

Part of his job as a commercial radio announcer was to write copy for advertising clients, before voicing the read and then producing it for air-play. I’ve written copy for Qantas Airlines, Telstra, Harvey Norman, and many others, and I’ve created web content for language schools, jingles houses, and for authors.

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Posted by Elliot Sabino, May 24, 2020