Equal Rights, Australian Style

Equal Rights

So here I am back in Australia, busting my arse trying to survive; looking for anything that may represent a half decent fucking job, and I see a job: University Library, Part-Time Administrator. I’m reading through everything, getting super excited and already planning how I’ll begin my application and then, of course, I come across ‘ … it is … a genuine requirement that this job be filled by a person of Aboriginal and/or Torres Straight Islander decent’.

Education, provable skills, talent, life experience, ability to converse with international students (in more than 1 foreign language) or even relevant job experience, matter not, apparently. All that matters is the color of your skin. It is the ONLY prerequisite for this position. And if you were unlucky enough to have been born “white” in Australia, don’t even fucking bother applying. 

Incidentally, I have “never” before seen an Admin’ Job of any description advertised that did not require – at bare minimum – a tertiary qualification; and usually an MBA of some specific discipline. This job only requires that you graduated high school.

At what point does racial discrimination become racial discrimination when it’s the “white person” being discriminated against? What does it take, I wonder? Murder? MMm, I doubt even then.

By the way, I’m a three-time graduate of this university. I just spent 10 years being racially discriminated against, in Asia, just to earn fake, FIAT, paper-illusion currency, and I have to come back to Australia for this, FOR THIS? Get FUCKED U.N.E, and GET FUCKED Australia, you puppet-nation run by corporate criminals, corrupt politicians and spineless, mindless, talentless, obese, men-hating fucking bureaucrats. I’m glad I know where I can get the value price for my guitar within 24 hours, cause if this is how Australia treats its “white men” …. well, now I remember why I left with the firm intention of never returning. The problem is … where? WHERE does one NOT encounter this type of – related – SHIT?


Oh, here’s the link to the advertised job: https://au.jora.com/…/Administration-Assistant-3755f8e3e0ac…


How the #New #World #Order Was Designed with You & Your Family in Mind.

Future Wealth

We may do well to remember the words of president Franklin D. Roosevelt, [even if he was a Shriner] who had to deal with a previous “New Wold Order.” In a 1940 address, he stated, … it is not a government based upon the consent of the governed. It is not a union of ordinary, self- respecting men and women to protect themselves, and their freedom and their dignity from oppression. It is an unholy alliance of power and self to dominate and enslave the human race (Marrs 2008: 375).

`The Vision for 2020 document … [states that] … The globalization of the world economy … will continue with a widening between `haves` and `have-nots”` (Griffin 2004: 97). `The only book you`ve got to read is the Godfather. That`s the only one that tells how the world is really run` -Robert Calvi, President, Banco Ambrosiano; stretched, London, 18/6/1982; quoted by Gurwin & (Wilson cited in Parfrey & Thomas 2008: 54). Is it really the case that, ` … most people simply lack the ability to grasp who they`re dealing with (Bain 2012: 214)?

Where did this all begin, and for what purpose, and to serve whom? To provide you with some understanding of, and possibly an answer to, what has been the deepest philosophical question for millennia we must, the author feels, consult the work of one of the greatest scholars this planet has thus far known, who sadly, “went home” – you`ve been told it`s death – on the 9th of October 2010.

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Posted by Elliot Sabino November 2nd, 2017

Vaccines Result in Autism & Huge Profits for Big Pharma & Their Bought-&-Paid-For Politicians.

Vaccine Injury

How could any thinking person not be concerned with the practice of compulsory vaccination of human beings when such evidence has come to light in the past three decades that there seems to be an agenda behind them that has little, to nothing, to do with “good” health? In this article we examine the story of Polly Tommey, Merck whistle blower, Brandy Vaughan, the blackmailing of members of congress – resulting in Reagan’s National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act – and the types of money behind three key pharmaceutical companies. Additionally, we expose Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull introducing compulsory vaccination legislation into Federal Law, while having financial ties to pharmaceutical companies, in a gross conflict of interest.

At Least 45,001 People Report Autism is Directly Linked to Vaccinations 

If it isn’t now common knowledge, Polly Tommey – arduously, on schedule, took her son Billy to be injected with the 3-in-one-shot MMR vaccine. What resulted from this was Ms. Tommy and her family caring for a severely autistic son, for life. Ten years on Polly and her husband Jon decided to begin treating Billy’s constipation – and gut related problems – with the hormone secretin. The improvements seen from this treatment led to a series of events which resulted in 45,000 people subscribing to the magazine Autism File – in one week – when her story was given national coverage on the U.K. London Weekend Television program Trevor McDonald Tonight Show.

‘We set up a website for anyone who wanted to know more about secretin. It got 150,000 hits, the computer crashed and LWT couldn’t cope with all the inquiries’. Forty-five thousand people stated that after bringing their child home from receiving the MMR vaccine, their child has never been the same since; describing exactly the same symptoms as Ms. Tommy does.

Testimony from just 1 Doctor

Dr. Andrew Wakefield stated, ‘medicine is about pattern recognition, and there was a clear pattern emerging’ in the documentary Vaxxed, from Cover-up to Catastrophe. Supporting, and other, information can be found here, which is the question and answer session that occurred in Boise Idaho, after the sell-out screening of the documentary on August 2, 2016. In, yet another, short expose’ we have cited information from sources, who implicate members of the United States Congress as succumbing to the pressure of blackmail from Big Pharma in 1982.

Big Pharma Are Immune from Prosecution

Merck, Wyeth Lederle, and Connaught told Congress they would no longer sell vaccines

… unless a law was passed giving them total immunity from prosecution. Big Pharma knew they were in serious trouble when … the DPT shot was causing brain inflammation and death in many children. The live oral polio vaccine was crippling children and adults…and Americans were filing law suits to hold drug companies responsible for the safety of their products.

The result of this was ‘…Reagan’s National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 [under which] … vaccine makers can’t be sued for vaccine deaths or injuries”’.

It seems rather obvious that some congresspersons don’t give a hoot about the health or welfare of U.S. children, but why, should congress care if the vaccine manufacturers were being sued? What’s in it for them? Well, who do you think funds their political campaigns? Who is it that contributes multimillions to those nationwide puppet shows and other ridiculous spectacles that ultimately get them elected?

Big profits can be assured if….

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Posted by Elliot Sabino July 15th, 2017

To Party in Japan; Know Something About the Culture, First.

Partying in Japan? Know something of the Culture, First.

One time I went to an Izakaiya with my, now, ex-wife and ran into a girl whom I’d socialized with – in that very limited Japanese manner – at a bar I frequented when first in Japan. When I unexpectedly see someone I know, I’m very pleasantly surprised and excited, and I exhibit this. I couldn’t understand why the girl basically pretended to hardly know me. None the less – me being an Australian – I invited her to join us for some food and drinks. These days I understand the reasons why I received the reaction I did from her. There are several of them, and without doubt there is more to the cultural customs and practices than I know.
It goes something this: 1) To join, eat, drink and socialize with someone, the most formal invitation has to be given – and agreed to – with no detail left neglected, and all intentions stated – at a prior point in time – and preferably in writing. 2) When a man and woman are together, the most delicate considerations are afforded them regards their privacy; this is an aspect of the Japanese culture that I truly appreciate. The Japanese work punishingly long hours – at the demand of their companies, and their culture – and this outing may well be the first and only opportunity in months for the two to enjoy an evening out, together. If they have kids, they, likely, have not had an evening such as this, in years, as the inlaws seem not to mind coming over to the the couples’ house, to help out, but expecting them to babysit the kids for an evening – at their house – is, apparently, out of the question; this is an aspect of the Japanese culture that I truly don’t appreciate. 3) There is, additionally, a custom in Japanese culture, which dictates that three polite refusals of an invitation is standard before acceptance will be forthcoming – whether, or not, the receiver of the invitation actually “wants to accept”… Read more… https://sellfy.com/p/b9RI/

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Website Content Writer & Specialist to Proofread Documents, Essays, & Résumés.

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Part of his job as a commercial radio announcer was to write copy for advertising clients, before voicing the read and then producing it for air-play. I’ve written copy for Qantas Airlines, Telstra, Harvey Norman, and many others, and I’ve created web content for language schools, jingles houses, and for authors.

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Music Should be Played at 444 Hz.

Several years ago, I began noticing others whom have also commented on this: Pre-WWII the standard frequency for musical instruments to be tuned at, was 444hz. It was the Rockefeller family – again, knowing so many of the esoteric secrets, and knowledge that the Sheeple were never meant to know – decided to create the system of A = 440 Hz. This is because they knew that 444 Hz was so much closer to the resonance of the human frequency, in the most general terms. Divide, conquer, control of human consciousness being an all important elelement for the Rockefeller’s service to those who are the “still” the Rulers of Planet Earth, and their hybridized – downgraded – Slave Species.

Posted by Elliot Sabino, March 26, 2017  www.transformtofreedom.com image

Learning Guitar Online, Tip of the Week.

imageTip of the Week:

We are returning to open tunings for playing slide guitar. E major would be the most popular key in which to play slide guitar, simply because E major is the most accessible Open Tuning! Here’s the open tuning for E major on the guitar.
S represents string number:
S 6 E leave it where it is, obviously.
S 5 tune “up” to a B
S 4 tune “up” to an E
S 3 tune “up” to a G#
S 2, leave it as a B
S 1 E
If you don’t yet understand why the above works, download this video here https://sellfy.com/p/XbBZ/ that is a lesson in how to make a “triad”; the essence of a chord, and chords 1, 3, 5, in the main guitar keys. Regards, and keep on pickin’ Elliot Sabino. http://www.transformtofreedom.com/online-guitar-lessons/

P.s. You can check out some original songs from Sabino, to see if he “can actually play”, like this one currently available FREE https://sellfy.com/p/ALcW/

Book Reviews for the Transform to Freedom Series.

cover`Transform to Freedom is a must-read for those who are questioning world events and finding too many coincidences that appear to result in the concentration of wealth and power into the hands of a few … well written, well referenced, and surprisingly comprehensive for its length. Those that want straight forward facts … on history’s most explosive subjects will enjoy this work … Elliot Sabino tackles the most universally accepted explanations for key events throughout history, and presents clear, rational, and well documented arguments that things did not happen as we assume`. Reviewed by Robert Kirkconnell for Readers’ Favorite.

`Without attempting to press his beliefs upon us, but while urging us to explore the evidence ourselves, Sabino presents a variety of anecdotes to support the assertions that the Earth has been enslaved; though by what or whom varies, as his fellow authors differ in their opinions`. Kimberlee Hicks, Pacific Book Review. Read all Reviews http://www.transformtofreedom.com/reviews/ posted by Elliot Sabino, Feb 25th, 2017 http://www.transformtofreedom.com




Nebulizing Colloidal Silver

imageColloidal silver can be administered directly into the lungs: a highly recommended method, by many sources, for direct entry to the bloodstream, through the lungs, via a nebulizer. This method is, particularly, efficient and recommended for those who are only buying small portions of colloidal silver. Although this one – pictured above, doesn’t look real – nebulizers can be purchased for between $20 – $30 from some manufacturers. http://www.transformtofreedom.com/…/what-is-colloidal-silver

posted by Elliot Sabino February 13th, 2017