Colloidal Silver, Just as Effective for Your Pets.

colloidal-for-petsYou may be surprised to know that people swear by colloidal silver in treating, both the same types of infections that effect the human body, and others that specifically effect their pets. ‘Colloidal Silver is a [naturally] antibacterial, (effective on over 650 different forms of bacteria, amoxicillin and penicillin are effective on 10 – 15 different forms of bacteria) [we’ve shown research on this,  here ] and does not cause antibiotic resistant strains of [bacterial] to grow, nor does it adversely affect the good flora in the gut. Colloidal Silver is antiviral, (every virus colloidal silver was subjected to in a test tube it killed). Every one! Colloidal silver is also antifungal, it killed every fungus it was subjected to in a test tube. Colloidal Silver is designed to be used topically and internally. Alot of topical issues are an internal problem’ ( I’ve personally witnessed colloidal silver clear-up a yeast infection in minutes.

Posted by Elliot Sabino, January 6th, 2017

Global Strike: Stop Work to Remove the Elites, Day?

refuses-taxes-memeI`d like to chime in here with rhetoric, that’s not really meant to be! I say that because after having written my books, and having met so many – here, online – many of whom are pretty bloody “awake”; who have recognised the “scam” and the most likely culprits: even if we don’t yet know – for certain – the real players behind the curtain; many whom are, like I, “fed up” with it; whom have “some ideas” at least as to where to start … My question is “what” …. No “how” do we do this? BTW, it’s the “same” in every country that I’ve seen, so far. If history has taught us anything – Stop SOPA – being one great example of recent history; the Dakota Pipeline that’s happening now, being another – it’s not until “a majority” get together and “demand their rights”; demand change. This cannot happen of course until a majority have awoken. And I guess that’s what we’re doing, here; why we keep posting, and trying to connect online. It`s such an insane irony that we’re using a platform owned/controlled by our “massers” to expose them. Anyway, I’ll let you know if/when I come up with anything, because other than returning to one’s country of birth, and doing the full-on “walk off their Monopoly board” sovereign citizen thing, I can’t see too many improvements in “my lot” anytime soon, because people are still putting up with it: sure they bitch, and piss and moan, but until we come together, I mean “really come together” – one example might be to organise 5000,000 people to walk into the “Commonwealth” – love that name for a – bank, by the way, Monday morning and close their accounts. Their accounts with no money in them? No, okay … to refuse to pay your electricity, your phone, your internet bills; to drive your car to the dump and leave it there. Better, yet if we organise many more than 5 million to simply not go to work, Monday the 12th …. Then, and only then, would the self-appointed elites, have to come to the negotiating table. From there we demand, free energy, right across the globe; End the Fed, no more interest rates, no taxes, and pay for work and services in accordance with what politicians allocate themselves, to name only a few. But, the road will not be easy, in the beginning, and how does one convince those with kids to feed – and no garden, nor a yard to grow one in, to do this; to take this risk? But this is what I believe we must do. It is indeed a dilly of a pickle we have allowed them to walk us into!


Posted by Elliot Sabino January 6th, 2017.

The Planet Was Raped Long Before We Got Here, but that doesn`t give us an Excuse.

If you’re looking at the picture only to the “boarders” of the frame, you’ll see a beautiful, snow-capped, “volcanic” mountain with a stunning lake, existing as an apparent, natural yin and yang. If you pull back – in your mind’s eye, however – to “imagine” it from 50 kilometers away, the picture should become much clearer. Russian – apparent scientist, DITRH makes a credible case that volcanoes are actually stacked, waste rock-piles from 2million years ago. These rocks have chemicals that over millennia leak, seep, fuse and “react”. Look at this picture, if you please; come back, wide angle on it, now. I’ll admit this is easier if you have actually physically done that, but there are seemingly “many” examples of quarries and “strip-mining” when we – at least – consider it a possibility.  www.transformtofredom.commt-fuji

Posted by Elliot Sabino December 7th, 2016

The Wonders of the World? We`ve Been Lied to People.


Think this is impossible? Have you ever seen a Badger 288 Rotary Excavator? The other thing you may be thinking is the noun, “rock”! Well, there’s evidence to suggest there was no “rock” on Earth up until circa 5,500 b.c. Think the movie Avatar, to get a mental image of what Earth used to be.

Russian – apparent, humanitarian and scientist going only by his YouTube name of DITRH makes a very interesting case that our planet has been quarried to the point where 90% of it – desert – is the remnants of millions of year-old mining and removal of, at least, the top 100 meter layer of it. That which we’ve cited in our work – – from Sitchen’s expose of the Ancient Sumerian Records would most certainly agree with this. How foolish did I feel – as an environmentalist, “save the planet”, I would cry – when first I realised that the premise – if not proof – from DITRH is at very least, credible! The lies have been – and remain – convoluted and comprehensive. Yet, the truth is in plain sight, as per the game they, apparently, love to play.

Posted by Elliot Sabino December 1st, 2016.

Colloidal Silver: What Are Big Pharma` So Afraid of?

cs-meme-01The FDA’s Colloidal Silver Hit List.

We were essentially”forced” to place the words “Water Disinfectant” on our silver products as the FDA, the AMA, the TGA and all the rest of them are counting on that noun phrase to dissuade those who, as yet, know nothing about the powerful, antibacterial, anti-microbial, immune-system-boosting, healing properties of silver. Already “banned” in Europe, we have it on good authority – it doesn’t take much research – that the FDA have a “to be assassinated” list of every major colloidal silver vendor, on the planet. Due to the number of scientific publications, articles, and simple bloggers relaying information about successes they’ve had with this millenia-old natural healing metal – when in a highly pure form – the FDA has (most recently) adopted an ecological/environmental premise in yet another attempt to debunk colloidal silver. We are also “forbidden” to make claims about any “health benefits” – despite research from internationally credible scientists, a small portion of which can be found here. The reasons for this are simple: who has U.S. $10 million to pay for an FDA placebo-type “scientific study”, and how would you know the study would, in fact, be objective – or even conducted – for that matter? Is it not an absolute disgrace that the FDA would not waive the “scientific study cost” to actually conduct unbiased, objective research into this natural product that could potentially save lives? And, what are the reasons they, apparently, “will never” do this?
Posted by Elliot Sabino November 25th, 2016