The Puppets of Political Delusion. Are You Still Buying into It?

The entire system needs to be boycotted by humanity in order that “those who truly run the planet;” those who control Abbott, Gillard, Obama et al, receive a clear, emphatic message. As noted, we need to stand together, for sadly, this can’t happen until a majority are awakened. As such, standing together for genuine change cannot happen until the change needed can be agreed upon, by a majority. And this won’t happen – in my opinion – until people awaken to how the game is really played, what its real agenda is, and whom it is that is really creating the milieu within which we find ourselves …. beholden: I don’t suggest, for one instant, to have all the answers, for, I’m merely a gardener. I came here to plant seeds. From the research I’ve done, and from what I’ve intuited, there are many great and brilliant people who could be representing and making the most fundamental existential decisions on our behalf while consulting and working with us to that end. Sadly, at this time “none” of them are in positions to make these changes, and I’m sure they would not want to be involved with the current (political) – system, such as it still remains. The change is coming. People are awakening. I’m seeing it in small increments, everyday. The majority needed, however, has not yet been reached. There are those who state, “we won’t see it in our lifetime!” But, I prefer to remain positive. Perhaps that’s simply because I chose this, specifically: to be here for this most important event: to assist this shift in consciousness in whatever small way I can. The one answer I “am” certain of, however, is that voting “this puppet” out, and “this puppet” IN, is not going to change a single thing. When has it EVER changed anything in the past? The Cabal give you two sides of the same puppet show, and “both sides” are completely controlled by them. Governments do not run countries. They never have! And this is “the system” of which I speak. Boycot The whole the thing, by way of stating, “we refuse to participate in this charade any longer!” But, that would have to be done in a way provable: what I’m saying is, measures need to be taken in order that when they just “make up votes” – and voters – we can come out and say, “see, they are lying; that could not have happened cause we were all at the beach, that day.”


Posted by Elliot Sabino, August 2nd, 2015 for

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