Is Colloidal Silver Safe?


Why do we wear jewellery? Sure, it sparkles, it glimmers, it’s pretty, it even makes an attractive, micro-tinkling sound, from time-to-time. But, is it fair to suggest that humans have been wearing jewellery since pre-Egyptian civilisations because it is a representation of wealth? Well, I don’t know. What kind of wealth are we talking about? Okay. Let’s say for example, the fact that I can afford this gold necklace means I’m successful; I come from a good family; I’ve found a partner who is independently wealthy and who obviously loves me and who chooses this manner to show it. I, myself, am independently successful and I wish to convey my success by displaying my beautiful pieces of gold, silver and diamonds on various parts of my body.

Does this sound like a reasonable analysis? necklace-518275_1920

What, however, if wealth represents something rather different – or, additional – to the materialistic manner in which we tend to view it, today? What if real wealth is actually much more related to a physical, emotional, and even psychological state of well being: health? Does the fact that these two words: health, and wealth, are only separated by one consonant – mean anything significant? Where does the term “precious metal” come from? Is there something here that we haven’t been told; or that we’ve forgotten?

In the 1500’s people would put a silver coin in the pale before milking the cow. They would put a silver coin in the baby’s bottle as a Silver Antibiotic. Where does the proverb “every cloud has a silver lining,” come from? Why does there exist – in western mythology – the story of the vampire, whom can only be killed by a wooden stake through the heart or with a “silver” bullet? Could it be the case that the vampire is metaphorically – or symbolically – representing the “virus”? Have you ever heard the expression “born with a silver spoon in his mouth”, used to refer to someone of wealth? Well, much has been written about how the worlds oligarchs, and elites, have known the secrets of Esoteric Knowledge and have kept them well hidden; and who have certainly kept the knowledge for themselves.

Civilisations as far back as the Phoenicians, Canaanites, and Sumerians, knew of silver benefits; the powerful Healing Properties Of Silver and gold, long before even the Egyptians existed: in fact there is evidence in existence that suggests this – along with much other knowledge – was handed down to the Egyptians within the recorded history of the ancient Sumerian Civilisation as recorded and translated by Zecharia Sitchen and his colleagues.  Silver – and gold – can be administered into the body in a variety of different ways, including – yes, you guessed it – topically, (absorbed through the skin). “Wow, that’s a nice necklace you’re wearing.”

Silver and gold, when ingested correctly into the body Kill Pathogens, Bacteria And Viruses within minutes, and even seconds. I’ve researched colloidal and Ionic Silver (and gold) for some years now. And it would appear that more and more people are re-discovering the incredible potency of these “precious metals.” I’ve read blogs where people have suffered for years with an illness that no pharmaceutical drug could manage; where people have cured cancerous tumors. Others have reported a no-return of genital herpes symptoms. There are even people who (anonymously) state that they believe that colloidal silver will cure HIV. One blog writer states that he did just that. He goes into detail of the protocol he thought up and used, and states how after using colloidal silver with the protocol he perfected, returned to the doctor, for the second HIV test, only to be met with incredulity from the doctor stating, “your test returned negative, today. You must stay here and agree to more tests.” people-219985_1280

Dr. Rebecca Carley, knowing that there are no colloidal silver side effects, but only incredible benefits of colloidal silver, however, has no need for, nor interest in anonymity, stating, “colloidal silver kills ‘”all”‘ viruses.” Several sources have stated that, with more and more people discovering and Successfully Using Colloidal Silver Federal regulatory bodies are already making noises about, basically, outlawing it. So, the stuff really does work, apparently!

Posted by, Elliot Sabino October 25th, 2015


Freedom in Paradise?

Hi, and thanks to all my new followers. Apologies for the lack of correspondence. Here`s my holiday review for a fantastic holiday destination.

It`s no secret that a Philippines holiday is a fantastic and affordable, holiday and many go there for a variety of reasons, from all over the world. Many, in fact, choose to remain, living in paradise – forging a life for themselves, or to retire – in the Philippines; and others, perhaps, only wish that they could. So, what is it about a Philippines Vacation that is so attractive to so many? IMG_0318

Well, that, of course, depends on what you`re looking for. And in many respects, it could well be the case that the Philippines has it all: from beautiful beaches to unsullied waterfalls, from rustic provincial living, to metropolitan nightlife. Additionally many Filipinos always seem to be ready with a smile on their face, a joke at the ready, and a song in their heart. This is one of the things that has always thrilled me, with the Filipinos, actually; their innate musical ability, and the ease with which they are adept at interpersonal communicative skills. I don`t think I`ve ever had a conversation with a Filipino, that did not posses a natural ability for song and, at very least, a voice capable of holding key, to go with it. And when this is witnessed in a beautiful young woman, well….

Two of the most Beautiful Vacation Islands to visit are the islands of Boracay and Palawan. Let`s make a comparison between these two as there are some differences in accessibility, costs, and overall holiday experience, in these two tropical island getaways, in the Philippines.

In the past two – three decades Boracay has become a very popular tourist destination, and walking along the main beach between 8:00 am and 10:00 pm there can be no mistaking this fact. It can feel like walking through Shinjuku station, in Tokyo. The crowds are thick and those locals that make their living selling their wares, and services to tourists are ever present – if not right in your face. Boracay seems to me to be promoting itself as a hip disco-tech island, for the young, financially independent and fancy-free traveler. And it really is seeing some serious foreign investment. In just the month that I was there two new bars metamorphised as if out of no-where, and were suddenly “openimgo for business”.

Oh, we must make a distinction here. When I say “bars,” there is really only one bar, as such on Boracay, as far as I`m still aware. And there is one night club. What I mean by the above is that there are many “restaurants” that serve food and, of course, alcohol, but these restaurants pack away the chairs, or generally make space, after a certain hour and turn themselves into a bar. Most of them seem to do this, to some extent or another. And of course, soloists and groups are employed in these venues to the tune that it`s as if you`re experiencing a music competition of some kind; songs and singers blending and swaying all, at once. There are several types of other acts employed nightly in these venues. It`s all about fun and relaxation and providing a good time for the tourist so as to keep business turning over. And whats wrong with that?

Puerto Princesa is, of course, another popular tourist destination of Palawan Island,  including Princesa Beach. Puerto Princesa is described as a city nestled within a forest. Like El Nido it is slightly more rustic, but it is a much larger town, a city really, with more nightlife attractions, and a greater variety of restaurants and accommodation than El Nido. It, of course, has tours to stunningly beautiful islands and coral reefs, like Honda Bay, and Arena Island Turtle Sanctuary. It disturbs me, a little, that they`ve kept the name, “Honda” Bay when one does some research on what occurred on Palawan Island during World War II. But, we won`t go there. I`d much rather talk about El Nido as I`m the type of traveler/adventurer that much prefers to get away from it all, and do my own thing as much as possible, with access to the “real culture” of a country/region but, somewhat ironically, still in need of some creature comforts for down-time.

During high season, the streets of El Nido will, also, be packed with tourists and this on its own makes for a lively destination for any age-group. Personally, I preferred to visit in low season, for reasons mentioned above. It`s a small town, surrounded by shear cliffs that make rather Stunning Scenery, from within. Five important features of consideration for the traveler regarding an El Nido tour are the prices, the food, accommodation, access to the region, and access to money.  IMG_0387

You can expect to pay roughly half of what you`d pay, in Boracay, for pretty-well all good and services, in El Nido. To give you one example, I was paying 2,500 pesos for a full-day motorcycle rental in Boracay whereas, in El Nido, I was paying 800. The bike was smaller in El Nido, and some scooters are available for as little as 300 pesos for the day. Another example is that I paid 900 pesos for a mask and snorkel set in El Nido, whereas in Boracaythey wanted to change me 1,500 pesos.

The food, perhaps, still retains a more Filipino influenced style of preparation. There is, of course, nothing wrong with that, and this may sound like something of a misnomer when one researches the history of the Philippines. But, if you`re more accustomed to Western or Asian styles of preparing cuisine – such as can be found in Boracay, and particularly Manila – you may notice the difference to the extent that it takes a little while to get used to.

As with food, you can expect to pay roughly half the cost for Accommodation In El Nido which ranges, most significantly, in size and style. You can, of course, pay for the luxury of the larger hotels, as there are several of them in this region of Palawan. Most of what you will see in El Nido town itself are pensionnes and small apartments. And, I do mean “small” apartments. You may be well advised to note specific information on room size before booking, and most significantly check that the room has air-conditioning. El Nido is hot, hot, and hot. And if you`re like most Westerners, you`ll want air-conditioning in your room for relaxing and for sleeping, after a day of adventuring. IMG_0321

Of perhaps the most important information for you, regards El Nido, is that there is no ATM Machine anywhere near this area of Palawan, and no bank that serves international accounts. You can access money from Two Businesses Within El Nidotown. The manager of the pensionne where I stayed, and some other locals, did inform me that El Nido is expecting to boast an international ATM sometime next year (2016). But, all good blog posts, and tourist services, recommend that you take plenty of cash with you.

Blog Post by, Elliot Sabino

Sep` 29, 2015.