Vaccines! Lest we forget the children of thalidomide.

image‘Invented by German drug company Grunenthal, thalidomide was widely used throughout Europe during the late 1950s and early 1960s, resulting in thousands of deaths and extreme, disfiguring birth defects when used by women during pregnancy (Hagens, Berman, 2013). ‘Australian obstetrician Dr. William McBride discovered that the drug also alleviated morning sickness [originally prescribed for insomnia]. He started recommending this off-label use of the drug to his pregnant patients, setting a worldwide trend. Prescribing drugs for off-label purposes, or purposes other than those for which the drug was approved, is still a common practice in many countries today, including the U.S. In many cases, these off-label prescriptions are very effective, such as prescribing depression medication to treat chronic pain…. In 1961, McBride began to associate this so-called harmless compound with severe birth defects in the babies he delivered…. The “clinical trials” of thalidomide involved distributing more than two and a half million tablets of thalidomide to approximately 20,000 patients across the nation—approximately 3,760 women of childbearing age, at least 207 [in the U.S] of whom were pregnant’ (Fintel, Samaras, Carias, 2009).


Autism! Because we are asked to trust the science & marketing of vaccines.


In Australia there is NO mandatory reporting of adverse vaccine reactions, nor Government compensation when vaccination fails or causes temporary or permanent damage or disability. Reporting is completely voluntary and at the discretion of the vaccine administrator…’ (VAIS). ‘Highly vaccinated populations continue to contract ‘vaccine preventable diseases’, resulting in mild and severe symptoms, serious enough to require further medical intervention and hospitalisation’ (Ibid). ‘”When licensing drugs for marketing the TGA relies on research funded and controlled by pharmaceutical companies. Too often pharmaceutical companies ‘cherry pick’ favourable evidence, and hide or ‘spin’ unfavourable evidence to support their commercial interests'” (VAIS). No surprises there, then.

Did you donate money to the 3/11 Japan disaster? You may want to know this.

image“`Though commercial whaling has been banned for decades`… Japan [continues to keep its] `19th-century dream alive` (Mahr 2011:para 3-1), Time journalist Krista Mahr, quotes Junichi Sato, Head of Greenpeace Japan, in observing that `“Pouring billions of yen into Antarctic whaling during this time of crisis is downright shameful,” [and that] “Japan cannot afford to waste money on whaling in the Antarctic when its people are suffering at home”` (Mahr 2011:para 3). The government gave, `$29 million of the national post-tsunami recovery fund … to the whaling industry, including to provide extra security for the whaling fleet,` despite the fact that, recent polls have shown that 95% of Japanese eat whale meat rarely, if at all` (Mahr 2011:para 2).”

Bilderbergers Celebrate Stealing more of the wealth, as the rest of starve.


‘The wealth of the richest 62 has increased an astonishing 44 percent since 2010, to $1.76 trillion. Meanwhile, the wealth of the bottom half of the world dropped by 41 percent’ (Emily Peck 2016). ‘Stocks have been on a tear since the economic recovery kicked in. The S&P 500 is up 46 percent from 2010. Unfortunately, most normals have missed out on the gold rush. Most of us get our money from paychecks — not stocks. And wages have largely gone nowhere since the recovery, even as executive pay has soared. (ibid). Something must really be “up” if even Huff Post are publishing articles like this. Or is it simply a case of the “illuminated” shoving it right in our faces?

The Truth about the Tower of Babel

image“…bringing into question much of what is recorded in the Old Testament; it is in fact a detailed description and without doubt, the first recorded UFO sightings; and, additionally, it corrects the probable mistranslation, and indeed the metaphor, of the story of Adam and the tree of forbidden fruit. `The book of Genesis, in its eleventh chapter, reports on the attempts by humans to raise up a shem (Sitchin 1976: 148). Some interesting facts about the noun “shem” are argued by Mr Sitchin as first acknowledged by G.M. Redslob.
`The persistence of biblical translators to employ the “name” wherever they encounter shem has ignored a farsighted study published more than a century ago by G.M. Redslob … in which he correctly pointed out that the term shem and the term shamaim (“heaven”) stem from the root word shamah, [all original emphasis] meaning “that which is highward”` (Sitchin 1976: 148). Why would “the gods”, plural of course, be concerned with man making a name for himself? `The realization that … shem … should not be read as “name” but as “sky vehicle” opens the way to the true meaning … including the biblical story of the Tower[…]”

The Truth about Those whom from Heaven Came to Earth.


The true story of the Biblical Fable, the “Tower of Babel”, is one of the most deliberate falsifications, that has had profound effects on humanity. How many language teachers, for example, are aware of this, and how much effect it has had on their existence?

This is my reply to a guy who stated, “these are our grandfathers, shouldn’t we respect them”? Another Lightworker – Joan – joined the conversation, also. Thanks, people, for being upon-minded enough to at least have acquired some knowledge of their existence. But these “forefathers” of ours, actually created us – genetically hybridised us – as a “slave species” to perform their toil, of raping the planet for them. But, worse, they also feed off our energies, in a spiritual vampire type of fashion. They create intense negativity, like war, division of people based on race, religion & gender, other forms of murder, and both physical and spiritual entrapment – debt is an example – and they “get off” on it. Their time is up, and as Joan states, they know it. They have been given the chance to gracefully step aside, but they rejected this offer, even though they know it’s over for them, they want to fight to the very end to creative as much havoc as possible.


Brandy Vaughan Blows The Whistle on Merck.

imageBrandy Vaughan, a former representative of Merck Pharmaceuticals – whose annual reported profit was $30,821,000 in the past year, alone – has been stalked, harassed, wire tapped, & otherwise threatened, after first realising that the company were covering up deaths from their drug Vioxx. After just a little more digging, she found that, ‘There are hundreds of vaccines currently being developed. It has become a game where pharmaceutical companies profit from the fears of disease instead of actually providing education to improve public health through nutrition. Profits are made by poisoning the blood of children with toxic adjuvants like aluminum’ (Devon L.J. 2015). Yet, still some people refuse to listen.

Who is Technology Really Benefitting?

imageUp until September 2001 a person had to be arrested and then “charged” with an alleged offence, before being fingerprinted in a police station? Today, all you have to do is want to go on a holiday in order to hand over “everything” – all your personal information including your “fingerprints” to InterPol. Yes, InterPol. And now, they are “selling” it – the breech of your most basic rights to privacy – as the latest gadgetry. As a point of interest, have you ever noticed the logo for Apple Computers Inc.? It`s a mortar board and set-square. Symbolizing brick – or stone – layers, it is one of Freemasonry`s longest remaining logos (sigil?) And students graduating from universities wear this exact logo on their “heads” at their graduation – initiation? – “ceremony”.
On the other hand, not just secret societies but secrecy itself or even privacy seem increasingly impossible under the reign of George III [Obama]. They have hidden cameras everywhere. They bug our phones. If they want to, they can “read” every keystroke on my computer including this one: >>. They can pry into the contents of our bladders, in random tests explicitly forbidden by that wonderful, moribund Constitution. Sweet grieving Jesus, there`s no place we can escape or hide or feel alone, is there? … Maybe the most paranoid fantasies about the Illuminati contain some truth … maybe … (Wilson cited in Parfrey & Thomas 2008: 54).

`Just like spies did in olden days, put microphones and tape what people were saying, now they`re using computers to do it` (The Internet`s Own Boy, Documentary 1:09:57).

Excerpt From: Sabino, Elliot. “Transform to Freedom Book II.” iBooks.
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Is it the End Times, or The Beginning Times?

imageThis is just a rave I got involved in. I thought I’d share it here if anyone wants to comment, support, add to, or contradict any of it:
In talking of the “End Times”, I feel it is actually a positive thing. Yes, I too get very frustrated – and yes, Alan Bowdren, and Ken James, I attend parties and just can’t “fake it”. More than one person has told me, “people just can’t handle you” lol 😀. I see the banality of their wanton ignorance; I see how they are so cosy in the little self-delusion that has, ironically, been achieved in the collective; I see how materialistic, vain, and selfish people are, and how so many are so blind to their essential elements of “self” that it literally sickens me; I see how the majority of the sheeple are so completely removed from their “true self”: it’s connection with anything spiritual, and utterly dettached from nature, also. Returning to the “End Times” I now think I have a better understanding of James’ meaning when he mentions “perceptions”. The End Times that are coming are the “end” for those of the very worst manipulators and controllers – that we all (here) know about – and also the end times of this comatose state of majority ill-consciousness. There are those that speak of the “Shift” to New Earth, and this resonates with perhaps the highest frequencies, for I. For the very worst Cabalists, they will not be going, as their energies are too dense, too low frequency, too negative. And for the sheeple, they won’t be going either. They’ll live out this life – and how ever many other lives – in this dimension, until they begin to awaken to the reality that we are all one consciousness, in complete connection with Source and everything else in the plural Universes, and as such every action has a RE-action, and for every neglect, a price to be paid. And there are those whom argue, this is not even such a bad thing, because “there’s no such as death, life is only a dream “perceptions, again”, and we are the imagination of ourselves” (Hicks cited probably Einstein).

Could this be the real they wanted Hussein dead?


The fact that he was going to sell oil, in currencies, other than the U.S. dollar, pissed them off something chronic. It was, however, Kerry Cassidy, who first threw this one on the table: “Saddam Hussein found a stargate, in Iraq”. Are you familiar with history as recorded by the Ancient Sumerian Civilization? Be it accurate or not, it is certainly nourishing food for thought!