REMOVING THE BROTHERHOOD’S POWER STRUCTURE. PT, 2. Posted by Elliot Sabino, May 3, 2015. images-15

As to the #Royal (reptilian) #Families and the Brotherhood? Expose them, first, as the author has attempted to do in this work which relies heavily upon the exhaustive investigative work of others like David #Icke, Jim #Marrs, and Zecharia #Sitchin. And again, peaceful non-compliance is essential. When they appear – in whatever form – on TV, turn it off. In fact, turn it off anyway. It is mind-control as outlined in chapters 2 and 3. When they come to your town, don`t go out to meet them and suck their arses. Refuse to have anything to do with them, peacefully, and again, expose them. Do what the mass media do: with your neighbourhood group, take the opportunity of their presence to forward your message. Do not offer them “ANY FORM” of reverence – and especially not fear – and let it be known, and your reasons why.   images-16

… [T]he hard-core  satanic faction that still wants to kill over 4 billion people is still making threats. They fear mass arrests and are threatening to “split the planet in half” if these arrests take place. The  satanists have all been physically located and are being monitored by #White #Dragon forces and their allies (Fulford cited in Beckon 2011:para 7).

So, there are groups who are onto them. We are not alone and this is the only chance we have of attaining our freedom; to stand together, to inform them that we know that this is a charade and that we will no longer take part in it, and demonstrate non-violent non-compliance. If we don`t do this now – in our generation – this author believes there are no guarantees that consequent generations will be able to. Let`s Return to fear for moment. How many Catastrophobia movies have been released in the past decade alone? Have you noticed this? CNN and other “news” broadcasters, which are, of course, totally controlled by the Brotherhood, specialize in, not only disinformation and covering only around 30% – if that – of actual events, while specializing in fear.


How many positive news stories do you see when you put your feet up, crack a beer and watch the 6 o’clock news? It`s all about fear, because fear = control. Hitler knew it, being a stool pigeon for a secret society called the Thule Society, and he specialized in it. This author has, personally, not watched television, other than in passing for more than thirty years now – having intuited what, particularly commercial, #TV really is at a rather early age.  Sony BRAVIA Z5500


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